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Album of the Month and more 06.05.16 - Posted in Rise of the Fallen reviews

May the fourth by with you all!

May did just start and so did more Media Coverage of our new Album "Rise of the Fallen".

Album of the Month at Holland's Progressive X Grooves Radio:

Here is an Intervew I did with USA's Metal Bulletin Zine:

Here's a Review in Spanish by Made in Metal:

Spectacular Review by Britan's Power Play Print Magazine ( thanks to Paul Fogary for the scans)

More Reviews April 19.04.16 - Posted in Rise of the Fallen reviews Even more Reviews, we hope you are enjoying "Rise of the Fallen", if you don't have it yet, get it here: or download it here:

So let's see what these fine people think: (Austria)
"Compared to its predecessors, the new album is by far the best work of the Swiss , the album can score through its ideas and its wealth of variety. Really strong CD, even if lacking the final kick. But DISTANT PAST are on the right path . If album number three is any indication of whats to come, you should have them on your rader for the future." - Antalherero

Rock Garage (Germany)
"Certainly DISTANT PAST put a lot of work in a new album , it shows in every note . But unfortunately  it just takes too long until everything the Album ignites . That makes it very difficult to find access ! Even for me it needed several runs, until it could convince me In the end there are similar criticisms which I have already mentioned also the last album , but a strong effort nonetheless!"- Julian

Metal Imperium (Brazil)
"The previous record was a good collection of progressive content themes within the mix of heavy and power metal, so we had a good feeling for this work, and we weren't wrong with that expectation. Scriptural Truth" looks like it was made to be played upon a stage, not forgetting the initial trilogy with "Masters Of Duality", "Die As One" and " End of the World ", and topics such as" the Road to Golgotha ​​",  - one of the most frenzied themes of work - show a vide range of dynamics. In spite of European origin, the Distant Past eventually going to lend on a  more typically American metal, but that's just a detail, the excellence of this work remains untoachable" - Frederico

Dioses de Metal (Spain)
"Rise Of The Fallen is an album of interesting themes, which sails between Heavy Metal and American Progressive melodic Rock with traditional science fiction moments. Therefore, without being a great album, it is recommended to give several listens, so 7 points out of ten." - Luishard
Reviews April 12.04.16 - Posted in Rise of the Fallen reviews Here's the first batch of Reviews of April.

We would like to thank everybody who took their time to write about our new album.

Metal (Germany)
"Distant Past succeeded to producea high quality heavy metal album, which has a really great sound and features very capable and convincing musicians. The record probably needs some runs more than usual, but thanks to the existing variety, it has many things to be discovered and is definitely a successful Metal Album . " - Slaine (Italy)
"The Work of the two singers is good, often alternate in the same song to emphazise the duality of the lyrics ("Scriputral Truth" and
"End of the World"). The guitars riffs chasing each other in efficient powermetal mode, the efficient and precise rhythm section always ready to make the changes of time required by the songs . An ambitious work, well produced, that presents us with a sparkling group , full of ideas and ready to rule the modern metal scene." - Marco Pezza (Austria)
"Even the common metal fan should risk a liste . With an appealing mix of traditional styles, the album look very impressive .One discovers both Euro as well as US Metal Styles, something that appeals to everyone . The influences can't be denied at , but the quality level is constantly high. I features straight Rockers as well as multi-layered Tracks like "Redemption" and "The Road To Golgotha" ​.
The Lyical concept of Adriano comes fully on- Daniel (Switzerland)
"Rise Of The Fallen is an album that, although it needs some time, but its quality is disclosed with each additional listening.The Album is quite exciting. Adriano Troiano understands again, to fit partially demanding songs in comprehensible structures. They have simply recorded good music here. No more and no less" - Roger W.

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