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Ueberrock and Rocka Rolla Reviews 08.07.14 - Posted in News
Check out the Review of England's Uberrock:

Musically, it's flawless: Julmy's vocals are rich and resonant, soaring with the grace of an eagle over the solid rhythms of drummers Al Spicher and Jan Zweibel and bassist Adriano Troiano, who has a style which is very much akin to that of Steve Harris! The twin guitarists of Alain Curty and Christof Schafer are as effective as any operating in this style of music, switching neatly between crunching riffs and massive melodies, with some pretty impressive solos thrown along the way.

And here's one from Rocka Rolla of Buenos Aires:

Distant Past enrich their musical discourse with different syles. In particular show a predilection for high speeds, or even some dissonance like Pantera, as heard in "On the Edge" but generally what prevails on songs like "A Day Of Darkness", "Sceptre", "Faces "or    "Helpless ", are the" maidenized
"Parts . And to their credit they do no wrong. The instrumentally trained singer plays quite well in the role of Bruce Dickinson.
It's alive !! 01.07.14 - Posted in News Here's a glimpse of a future to come.

DISTANT PAST in th UK Press 01.07.14 - Posted in News
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