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News from the Distant Past

DISTANT FUTURE 04.01.18 - Posted in News Dear all

There hasn't been much activity on this site or in the band as of lately.
But let me reassure you that we are far from done, but after a few setbacks, soon there will be news coming your way.
Stay alert.
Age of Disclosure 17.05.17 - Posted in News

The debut CD of the Swiss Heavy Metal Project founded by Ben Sollberger is finally out:

"To the Universe" - featuring Adriano Troiano and Jvo Julmy of Distant Past

You Tube Channel

You can order you copy here

1.Rumor (Vocals: Orlando Greco - Skrylls)
2.Peace requires no War (Vocals: Jvo Julmy - Distant Past)
3.Off the Cross (Vocals: Roman Burri - No Reward)
4.Bliss for you and me (Vocals: Jvo Julmy - Distant Past)
5.Beautiful (Vocals: Orlando Greco - Skrylls)
6.I am Forever (Vocals: Orlando Greco - Skrylls)
7.Already there (Vocals: Jvo Julmy - Distant Past)
8.In your Eyes (Vocals: Orlando Greco - Skrylls)
9.Committing a Crime (Vocals: Orlando Greco - Skrylls)
10.Age of Disclosure (Instrumental)
11.Though I Dont' Know You (Vocals: Orlando Greco - Skrylls)
12.Black-Hearted Man (Vocals: Syn Sch├╝tz - The Hunt)
13.Love Soulution (Vocals: Jvo Julmy - Distant Past)

Drums: Buddah Craven
Bass: Adriano Troiano
Guitars: Ben Sollberger
Guestsolo on Track 8: Christian Busch
Live Videos 19.02.17 - Posted in News Hi all!

After our sucessful show in december 2016, we decided to continue on way or another!

It will take some time to prepare the new material and we've got some new members.

In the meantime we will release a few live videos of our show.

So, finally online you'll find the live clps here:

Spare my Life

Signs of the End

The Road to Golgotha

more to follow soon....

We've also produced a DVD for the Bandmembers and our Families.
There are a few discs left:
If you'd like one. write us at:
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