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Reviews from "Rise of the Fallen"

Iyzine - Italian Review 30.03. 30.03.16 - Posted in Rise of the Fallen reviews We are one week away from the official Release of "Rise of the Fallen"

Get ready ! Great review from Italy, Thanks to Alberto Centenari:

Here's the english Translation:

Pretty good product, Rise Of The Fallen is evaluated for what it is, a good classic metal album where musicians are getting in various nuances, making it a difficult but satisfying listening.Pure Steel, the German label dedicated to classic metal and hard rock is an active volcano erupting music albums on albums, many of which hail the traditional metal, maintaining a high average quality and this can not fail to please the many fans of the genre. Groups there are many,from any part of the world, from the homeland, neighboring states such as Italy, Austria and Switzerland, not to mention the music from beyond the ocean, true U.S. metal.
Distant Past are Swiss, among their ranks a homegrown musician (bassist Adriano Troiano, former Emerald) and they play classic heavy metal inspired by 80's sound, but with elegant forays into progressive and aggressive music by rough hints of thrash metal.
Based in Berne, founded in 2002, Rise of the Fallenis their fifth album, their debut of 2003 was Science Reality, then Extraordinairy Indication of Unnatural Perception and Alpha Draconis, released in 2005 and 2010 respectively, up to the previous Utopian Void, from
two years ago.
Much melody, reasoned aggression, acceleration, great technique and the progressive nuances are the main qualities of the Distant Past sound that, in honour of the 80's Metal Groups, is certainly not lacking in personality. An album that, as a whole, did a great job, in compiling all those qualities that make our favorite music great, though perhaps lacking one or two driving tracks, classic singles (so to speak).
In fact, Rise Of The Fallen approaches progressive work, conceptually speaking: you can apprechiate the songs after a few listens, as well as to enter fully in the mature and elegant sound, without losing an ounce of its metallic harshness.Summarizing the work is the beautiful "Road To Golgotha",  where iit's heavy metal, progressive, dramatic and dark, with a classi, devastating acelleration in thrash style and acoustic harmonies in the final, five minutes ithat summe up the musical credo of istant Past.
Pretty good Product, Rise Of The Fallen is evaluated for what it is, a good classic metal album, where the musicians without losing their compass, enter various moods and shades, making it a difficult but satisfying listening experience, at least for those who continue to love traditional metal sounds.
Alberto Centinari, 7.5/10

Nur noch eine Woche bis zum Release von "Rise of the Fallen"

Get ready ! Tolles Review aus Italien, Danke Alberto Centenari: