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Reviews from "Rise of the Fallen"

Album of the Month and more 06.05.16 - Posted in Rise of the Fallen reviews

May the fourth by with you all!

May did just start and so did more Media Coverage of our new Album "Rise of the Fallen".

Album of the Month at Holland's Progressive X Grooves Radio:

Here is an Intervew I did with USA's Metal Bulletin Zine:

Here's a Review in Spanish by Made in Metal:

Spectacular Review by Britan's Power Play Print Magazine ( thanks to Paul Fogary for the scans)


Mai hat gerade erst angefangen, und die Medien berichten in den höchsten Tönen von Distant Past:

Album des Monats in Holland's Progressive X Grooves Radio:

Ein Interview mit USA's Metal Bulletin Zine:

Ein Review in spanisch by Made in Metal:

Spektakuläres Review in England's Power Play Print Magazine (Scans siehe oben)