Reviews from "The Final Stage"

Review MedianMan 03.03.21 - Posted in The Final Stage reviews  REVIEW by The Median Man

“Kill The Dragon,” is the best opener possible.
Short, sharp and a kick to the gut. It really pushes the listener into an intense mood from the get-go.

“Queen of Sin,” ups the ante considerably. It hits its stride with a series of precious and powerful riffs
that allow the listener to really get into the groove of things. A song that combs the power and the glory of time and space.

“I Am Omega,” hits a new note. Riffs ooze out of the song like a powerful concoction and the vocals soar to new heights.
A song that really hits the wheel turning.

“The Final Stage,” builds up anticipation.
“Dawn City,” breaks new ground. Smashing through stereotypes and boundaries,
it truly hits something refreshing and powerful. A song that mines the world for something truly special and unique.

“World Of Wires,” gallops on the pathway of time. It wheels through and digs deep into the undergrowth,
pressing the listener to take heed as soon as possible.
“Path of Fate,” hits new ground, smashing down the templates
and the moulds of indecision and pornucopia. A brilliant finale.

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