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Review Drużyna Spolszczenia 07.03.21 - Posted in The Final Stage reviews Review Drużyna Spolszczenia
by Memoris
Rating 7/10

This time DISTANT PAST present a new direction, without any special originality and plays very traditional heavy inspired by the style of the 80s. These are simple, rhythmic compositions kept in moderate tempos with Julmy's mostly high-pitched vocals. A showcase of what can be heard here is already Kill The Dragon, and attention is drawn to the very good cooperation of both new guitarists, playing here interesting, catchy solos. There is a little lack of originality in the melodies of I Am Omega (some NWOBHM elements can be heard here), Staring At The Stars and Queen Of Sin have more memorable choruses, although they embellish it with some specific oriental motifs in the solo. Like Staring At The Stars, Fall From Glory is a bit more epic, approaching the style of EMERALD from the old days, while The Power Of Evil refers in rhythm and chorus style to the classic German metal of the 80s and 90s, also in the mighty instrumental part. Very interesting things start to happen after the atmospheric intermission of "The Final Stage" in Dawn City: they play here beautiful melodic riffs that appear a few times and gaining development in the best on the album heroic Chorusses.
If somewhere there are references to the British style of NWOBHM era again, it is definitely in the main theme of World Of Wires. There is no ballad  on the album, usually obligatory, but generally it's not a drawback. There isn't one at the end of the album, instead a song a bit darker and slower called Path Of Fate.

The album has a distinct, somewhat cool in the traditional heavy 80's style sound by Swiss Master V.O. Pulver and in this respect you can't have any objections to the sound concept, apart from that it's a good classic heavy metal album, where the potential hidden in talented guitarists wasn't used to their full extent.