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Review Loud and Proud 02.04.21 - Posted in The Final Stage reviews Review by Sandro Buti
Loud n' Proud

Personally, I always find it refreshing to see how many bands keep moving in the international metal underground. Of course, these are groups that will rarely see monetary recognition for their passion, due to an increasingly narrow market. But in fact, it is passion and nothing else. And for those who share this passion from the listener's point of view, it cannot fail to be pleased to have new bands available to listen to. Not too new, in the case of Distant Past, given that the Swiss formation is now approaching twenty years of career. 'The Final Stage' is their fourth album and comes to break a five-year silence - 'Rise Of The Fallen' was from 2016. The band has always been led by ex-Emerald Jvo Julmy on vocals and Adriano Troiano on bass, accompanied for the occasion by new companions. The music? A classic heavy metal of European origin, which has marked references to NWOBHM - Iron Maiden above all, but also Judas Priest. Compared to the past, Distant Past have simplified some structures, with the result that the songs of 'The Final Stage' flow directly and immediately, often enthralling. The relentless opener 'Kill The Dragon', which doesn't just remind of DIO in the title, and the gripping 'I Am Omega', with its obvious references to Judas Priest, are probably the highlights of a solid record from start to finish, in which the two new guitarists also show their skills. Those who remember Jvo Julmy in Emerald will have a hard time recognizing him, the little Swiss vocalist has grown in confidence, but as mentioned, the performance of the entire band is noteworthy. And 'The Final Stage' for any lover of the most classic metal is a recommended listen.

Recommended: for fans of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, but also of the more classic “minor” heavy metal.