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Review Behind the Veil 29.04.21 - Posted in The Final Stage reviews Review by Nick Parastatidis
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DISTANT PAST - The Final Stage

The musicians Adriano Troiano (bassist) and Jvo Julmy (vocalist) were first introduced to us with the now almost universally known band, EMERALD. In 1999 with their debut album "Rebels of Our Time" they were one of the first bands to revive, without copying, the NWOBHM sound. A musical trend that is experiencing great glory nowadays, since there are thousands of young musicians who create bands that try to revive the aforementioned movement. But the artistic concerns of these musicians were not covered by EMERALD and so they took the decision to create DISTANT PAST. A band that would move in the classic metal sound with some progressive rock/metal elements. With this band they managed to create remarkable and quality work, without ever forcing things. That is, they released records whenever they felt ready.

The same applies to their 4th album "The Final Stage". A work that comes after 5 years since their previous album "Rise of the Fallen". Clearly as a band they are of the philosophy of better late than never. Something that I agree with, since the aim is not to bombard the listener with releases every year, but to offer him works that will pique his interest and create the desire to listen to them often.

So, in their 4th work, DISTANT PAST offer us what they know how to do best. 10 compositions of classic heavy metal. Compositions that revive the spirit of the 80's sound, but without sounding outdated. On the contrary, they manage to transfer the heritage of this great decade for our music (and not only) to the modern trends of the classic heavy metal sound. As a result, they offer the listener music that sounds fresh and original, but at the same time familiar. Indeed, in this particular work DISTANT PAST decide to give more immediacy to their sound without of course avoiding to add some progressive touches as for example in the 7-minute epic composition "Dawn City".

In the 10 compositions included here you will find the lyricism and the traveling mood of the good old IRON MAIDEN, the modern approach of the classic heavy metal sound that we can find in the personal releases of the great BRUCE DICKINSON and ROB HALFORD, but also the hard 'n' heavy mentality of the great SAXON. And if in some parts their sound is American and reminds you of LIZZY BORDEN, you should know that the band also counts them among their influences.

The 10 songs here have all the elements that made us love the classic metal sound. Memorable melodies supported by solid rhythmic parts and choral parts that draw you in to sing along with the band as you listen to the album. Also a very good job has been done on the solos that are technical, inspired and give the compositions the guitar exaggeration that every fan who loves this sound knows how to appreciate.

I will also stand by the lyrics of this release. Although lyrically the band is largely inspired by cinema and fantasy - science fiction literature, it chooses to give its lyrics a deeper meaning that will put the listener in a process of thinking and searching for some things. Of course, there are also more direct lyrics that relate to the everyday life we live.

For an album to be considered mediocre by me, it must have 2 elements: a) the confidence that musical education and maturity gives and b) the enthusiasm of creation. Here, then, both elements are present. DISTANT PAST manage to sound both mature and enthusiastic at the same time. With their very convincing performances they show that they really enjoy what they do and they transmit this mood to the listener. They offer us a meaningful and substantial album that doesn't bet on easy impressions, on the contrary it is a work that will win us more and more every time we will listen to it. Even though we are in the first months of 2021, I believe that "The Final Stage" claims a place among the best heavy metal releases of the year.

In conclusion, I will say that this good work is also supported by an excellent cover artwork that when you see it, it makes you want to create your own stories in your mind.