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Review Metal Temple 19.05.21 - Posted in The Final Stage reviews Review by Craig Rider
Metal Temple

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DISTANT PAST; signed via Pure Steel Records, hailing from Switzerland grounds - performing Heavy Metal, on their 4th full-length album entitled: "The Final Stage" (released 26th of March, 2021). Since formation in 2002; the quintet in question have 2 Demos entitled: "Science Reality" (released in 2002), and "Extraordinary Indication Of Unnatural Perception" (released in 2005). Along with 4 full-length albums entitled: "Alpha Draconis" (released in 2010), "Utopian Void" (released in 2013), "Rise Of The Fallen" (released in 2016) & this here 4th deliverance entitled: "The Final Stage" of which I am introduced to. 10 tracks ranging at around 41 minutes; DISTANT PAST arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Heavy Metal developments.

Opening up with this rip-roaring riff of wildly rushing synergy, this thunderous battle hymn revels with sonically seamless firepower expertise. "Kill The Dragon" executes catchy harmonies, as exhilarating melodies strike with vibrantly potent snappiness. Sulfurous rhythms trailblaze with skyrocketing slayings as killer laceration mobilities shred with mighty maelstrom pursuits that rumble with reverberating thuds, sturdy remedies and concretely gritty chops that shriek with tight weightiness. Elementing high-pitched singing virtuosity from consisting vocalist Jvo «Jay Jay» Julmy, who quintessentially screams with soaring throatiness where pipes yell with razor-sharp shouting solidities. "Staring At The Stars" showcases relentless dexterity from jingling yet twinning guitar fretters Ben Sollberger & Lorenz Laederach, both dynamically chug an amplified calamity of rompy rampancy that supplies riveting substance on organic vehemence, while utilizing unique yet boisterously bouncy adrenaline with steamrolling fabrications & enriching èclat.

"Queen Of Sin" crafts a distinctively distinguished implementation of salubriously volatile zeal while tuneful songwriting musicianship manifests with meticulous panache, where mellifluous outrè provides euphonic cords as chiselling and distilling fluidity in choppy crunchiness oscillates with revolving maelstrom proficiency, as hybrid experimentation frolics into a galloping barrage frenzy of pile driving gravitation from hammering drummer Remo Herrmann who rambunctiously slams the set with steely precision & stompy tonality. "Fall From Glory" tempestuously grinds into a fierce conundrum on radically wicked bruisers that bulldoze into a belting force of impactful adrenaline. Audible bassist Adriano Troiano also contributes with thumpy flickers in clobbering distortion, energetic yet profusely robust crescendos excel with these drum cymbal bangs that echo with rolling grovels from both pummellers while punchy jumpiness portrays technical momentum to boot - as well as an impressively ferocious Heavy Metal scream near the end in which needed to be noted.

"I Am Omega" harnesses a haralding attribute in inventive but flamboyantly feverish singing stability, while the instrumental finesse examines extremely intense solos that ring with progressively trembling captivation and rapidly swift nimbleness that will make you raise your horns held high whilst rollicking through the neck breaking bombast that ensues – chorale pipes near the end enchants me with mellifluous and hypnotizing brilliance while "The Power Of Evil" carries on the uproarious ground-break in gripping hooks along with singalong charismatics, and enthusiastic yet pleasingly spellbinding triumphs of enthralling heaviness mesmerizes me to rock with the fascinating grandeur of persistently strong snares that embody an utmost upbeat & empowering effect to it. The titular track comes into play next which is a brief interlude of resonant soundscapes, and hints in atmospheric ambience implementing an acoustic enlightenment along the way. A bit dark, but totally awesome.

Advancing into "Dawn City" which resounds me with splendid retro metal that makes me think of the ROSS THE BOSS BAND quite heavily, as vigorous perseverance passionately unleashes rawly rough yet ravenous frenetics as strident yet pounding and frantic performances mesmerizes me to crank that dial up to the full – literally rattling my skull & eardrums with the loud & rowdy melodies of direct, hefty but towering meatiness that is impressively offered here. While the penultimate track "World Of Wires" fulfills you with groovy but motoring revs that smothers speakers with punky, upbeat outbursts as an infectious injection on traditional yet old school NWOBHM slabs this solid yet addictively ambitious fundamental in flexibly adventurous musicalities that will make you hum its tone with memorable impulse.

Overall concluding "The Final Stage" with the slumbering slowdown tread of "Path Of Fate"; which brings the curtain down while enforcing blustering but lofty tempos, DISTANT PAST most surely delivered a healthy dose of some thunderous patterns that flow into an immersive intense boundary in groundbreaking Heavy Metal material that had me replaying this one a good handful of times. Bottom line; I am compelled to say that DISTANT PAST certainly outdone themselves with this one, "The Final Stage" is a straight to the point rift of enjoyably entertaining Heavy Metal that JUDAS PRIEST & IRON MAIDEN fans would definitely be a fool to pass this one up. An epic discovery of a borderline foundation on a hefty experience that all fans of this genre can delight in –worthy of a few spins & worth the listen, check it out!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8