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Review "Via Nocturna" 18.08.21 - Posted in The Final Stage reviews Review by Pedro Carvalho

Between 2002 and 2016, Distant Past were active as a studio project and thus released three albums. In 2019, the two members who are also part of Emerald, Jvo Julmy (vocals) and Adriano troiano (bass) finally managed to put together a line-up that allowed them to face a new phase in the Swiss career. And this new phase begins, precisely, with the album The Final Stage. For now, we don't know if this title is premonitory or not in relation to the stage in which the band is, but given its intrinsic quality, we want to believe that it isn't. In fact, The Final Stage is made up of incredibly catchy traditional heavy metal themes, with rhythms and melodies from the school of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and with spectacular solos. Compared to its past, the themes are shorter (excluding a mesh like Dawn City that exceeds seven minutes), more accessible and the overall sound is forged as a cohesive unit. And this can be seen right away in Kill The Dragon, an opening that, right there, grabs the listener. And then, the band, as we've already mentioned, doesn't get lost in unnecessary paths. Get to the point, directly and with intensity. That's why The Final Stage is a very well listenable, totally absorbing record that should particularly appeal to fans of traditional metal from the 80s. Of course a little more diversity would be beneficial, but this record seeks to satisfaction of those who play and those who listen. And, on our part at least, this has been largely achieved. [89%]