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From Switzerland, Distant Past broke their declaration of neutrality, which had lasted since 1815, and went into battle in favour of classic heavy metal.

And they start off boldly by picking a fight with a dragon.
"Kill the Dragon" is a good example of Distant Past's musical proposal, an absolutely Heavy Metal song, with rather demodé tones and ways, also in the sounds, and that winks at bands like Crossfire, Killer or ADX, always looking with curiosity and participation at NWOBHM.
And this should not come as a surprise, as the Swiss have been active since 2002, even though they have only released four albums in the last twenty years, the last of which is "The Final Stage".
The following "Staring at the Stars" and "Queen of Sin" reiterate the concept, with the second one featuring a good contribution by drummer Remo Herrmann, while singer Jvo Julmy's performance is not so exciting, as he exposes himself to the risk of slipping in his tone. The first track, "I Am Omega", is a good one, and apart from allowing Ben Sollberger and Lorenz Laederach to show off, it's less of a challenge for Julmy, who at the end lets loose some Dickinsonian woah-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh. The title track is a short instrumental that quickly gives way to a Maidenian "Dawn City", another beautiful metal ride, well tackled and developed by all five members of Distant Past who then amaze us when they attack the rough "World of Wires", where they almost seem to want to chase Motorhead, with Adriano Troiano's bass to lead the dance. The final "Path of Fate" is an apt mid-tempo, outlined by the guitars of Sollberger and Laederach, who are solid in the rhythm and then go wild in the solo phase.

It's evident how the Path of Fate undertaken by Distant Past can only bring them back to the Eighities... to the beat of their True Defender heart and under the blows of their Heavy Metal.

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