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News from the Distant Past

New Album in Production 29.11.20 - Posted in News Let's see who still reads Messages from our Webpage. The new Album is being mixed at the moment. It's name will be "The Final Stage" with exclusive Artwork from James F. Beveridge. Mixed by VO Pulver and
Sometimes They Come Back 26.01.20 - Posted in News It' been a long, loooooooooooong time. But soon there will be new guys to introduce and new future for the past!
THE SHOW WILL GO ON 21.07.18 - Posted in News

DISTANT PAST are back and will perform at the Metal Church Event in Niederbipp on September 8th.

It took a long time to get a new lineup togehter, let me introduce to you the new (and old) Members of the Band:

Patrick Sager (Drums): The newest and youngest Member of the Band is an experienced Rock Drummer who played live with Swiss Folk Rockers «Chälly Buebe» in the Past. He is motivated to get into the Metal Groove and show the world his Skills.

Ben Sollberger (Guitar): Ben and Adriano share many interests and musicals tastes. They collaborate on Ben’s Project «Age of Disclosure» (which also includes JJ) and they play in the Dark Rock Band «Skrylls» together. So he was a obvious choice for Distant Past, as his guitarwork is masterful and he is an very experienced player.

Christof Schafer (guitar): Having left Distant Past in 2015, his inclusion comes as a bit of a surprise. Being a original member of the Band he is also the reason, Distant Past could continue after yet another shake up. In the set we play many of his songs (including the most requested song «Day of Darkness») and we celebrate the return Chris, as we can now hear many of his wonderful solos and licks live!

Jvo «JJ» Julmy (vocals): The former voice of Emerald, is the voice of Distant Past since 2013. Refining the sound of the band with his one-of-a-kind powerful vocals. Having been the only surviving member, apart from Adriano, to go through all the changes, he is happy to scream on top of his lungs for the audience and you!

Adriano Troiano (bass): Having said to quit it after the concert in 2016, he carried on, as band and audience members persuated him. Although some members left in the process, he was determined to try it one more time and is more than happy to announce that the Past ist back! Gearing up to bolt out the songs he worked hard on, so we all can enjoy them onstage.


Special Thanks to Alain, who had to withdraw from the band, as his new project is a sweet little baby girl named «Valérie» congratulations to him and his wife Conny!

We also would like to thank Julien, Luti, Reto and the countless drummers we tested.

We’re looking forward to the Metalchurch Event (Thanks you, Sam!) and will promise to rock the house!

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