COMING 08.11.2024


Distant Past returned into the music scene with their 2021 Album “The Final Stage”, a sonic voyage marked by the standout tracks "Queen of Sin" and “Kill the Dragon” amassing thousands of streams. It brought the band back in the hearts and minds of heavy metal enthusiasts globally and caused a surge in popularity for the five guys from Switzerland. 

As with their previous albums, “The Final Stage" was again created with the help of famed producer V.O. Pulver. The collaboration of the new and highly motivated quintet was very fruitful and resonated with fans and critics alike. Main Songwriter Adriano finally had some creative counterparts to bounce off and improve the songs.

Their presence soared as they graced international festivals like “Full metal Osthessen” and “Taunus Metal”, thus opening for iconic acts such as Jag Panzer and Mortician.

Now, signed to Art Gates Records, Distant Past is well positioned to deliver their next sonic masterpiece, "Solaris," produced once again by V.O. Pulver, who this time around also recorded the drums. This highly anticipated album promises a musical journey almost two years in the making and marks the second output of the unchanged line up, stronger than ever.

"Solaris" is set to showcase the culmination of dedication, passion, and raw power that defines Distant Past's distinctive sound, characterized by former Emerald vocalist “Jay Jay”. As the band fills their schedule with live dates, the world eagerly anticipates the release of this new chapter in Distant Past’s musical legacy.

Stand proud as Distant Past embark on the next chapter of their heavy metal odyssey with the release of "Solaris" on 08.11.2024.