The two DISTANT PAST musicians Adriano (bass & conception) and Jvo (vocals) were astonished when Rock Hard magazine highlighted the album “Rebels of our Time” by Emerald as an essential work in their story about the best Swiss bands.
Both understood that they have been making music together for almost 20 years now and that they have a certain legacy to defend.

DISTANT PAST is Heavy Metal - both refuse to die. After many contributions by journey men and close friends, the project would be presented live for the first (and presumably) only time in 2016. Selections of all three previous efforts were played [“Alpha Draconis (2010), “Utopian Void” (2014) and the conceptual tour-de-force Album “Rise of the Fallen” (2016), the latter features guest vocals by none other than “Angus Mc Five” (Gloryhammer)]. Adriano used to play along Agnus him in Emerald when he replaced Jvo.

Much has changed, so that DISTANT PAST is a full-blown Band now, no longer “just” a project. Joining Adriano and Jvo is Ben (Age of Disclosure) who worked with both for his project and adds his precise and innovative Guitar playing to the band. In Remo (ex-Suborned) the band found a well-educated and steady drummer, who was looking for a new band, to start rocking again. The last piece of the Puzzle was the addition of Lorenz Laederach on Guitars, fulfilling his boyhood dream to join a Metal Band, after playing Blues, Rock and Funk for over thirty years. He convinced the guys with his amazingly fast and aggressive playing and his awesome Solos.

The new Album is a collaborative effort and features more accessible songwriting, great choruses to sing along, headbanging Riffs and fast-paces melodies. Tracks like “Staring at the Stars” and “I am Omega” show a new style for the band, back to the roots of Heavy Metal. Gone are the Progressive influences (only reminiscent in the 7 min “Dawn City”) but make no mistake DISTANT PAST still rock hard and true. Listen to “Kill the Dragon” for proof. Want some Maiden-Priest stuff? How about “The Power of Evil” or “Fall from Glory”, double lead guitar attack, halfordian Vocals, and pumpin’ bass included, as well as innovative drumming. Let’s put it this way – DISTANT PAST is a force to be reckoned with and soon they will melt your brain on a stage near you! Look out!