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Distant Past is the brainchild of Adriano Troiano. After leaving “Emerald” in 2001, he formed his own group “Evil Eye” the same year. The group featured Alain Curty on guitar and Kaspar Zwirner on drums, two of his school friends. After being disappointed by the direction the band was taking, Troiano opted to drop out his own group, to concentrate on a Studio project, which eventually became Distant Past.

Setting up a studio at his home he contacted a few friends to make his first recording experiences. The fist Album “Science Reality” was finished in 2003.

Right after the completion of this album, Troiano immediately started to work on the follow-up “Extraordinary Indication of unnatural Perception” which was released as a retail CD in 2005. Guest featured Christoph Schafer on guitars (who also worked on the first album) and new singer Reto Guggisberg, next to Zwirner and Curty. The brothers Michael and Thomas Vaucher of “Emerald” also made guest appearances on the Album, which would pave the way for Troiano to return to their band in 2006.

The recording process of the “Alpha Draconis” took shape in 2008. Joining him on his most sophisticated and aggressive work to date were: new drummer Al Spicher and new singer Angelo Schafer (Remote Lane). The CD features guests Andy Bächler (ex-Emerald / Tar Queen), who drums the 13-min Epic “the Serpent”.

In 2011 the downloadable single “Touched by the Gods” was released as a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio. Featured on these songs was former Emerald Singer Jvo Julmy. He continued working during 2012 with Distant Past on songs, of which a collection has been released in 2013 as a new album entitled “Utopian Void”. The Focus was laid on more melodic songs and catchier songs, although some progressive references remain.

The songs of the last album “Utopian Void” were mixed and mastered by Metal legend VO Pulver. The Reviews were very positive and hailed the return of Jvo Julmy. The new Album “Rise of the Fallen” goes even further adding Gloryhammer Singer Thomas Winkler. Both battle vocally in a fight of biblical proportions: The Temptation of Satan against the Son of God. The Goal: to rule Mankind. Who will win or are both on the same side?
The album offers Heavy Metal, the way it was ment to be and sounds very chatchy, more accesible to human ears.
An album like no other!