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Review Metalliville 29.04.14 - Posted in Utopian Void reviews

Distant Past deserve the hats-off treatment

Wonderful work, guys.


DISTANT PAST - Utopian Void
(Pure Steel Publishing -2014)

Very much from whench their musical persuasions are plucked, Distant Past deserve the hats-off treatment for that already.

Utopian itself pretty nails it for the average Nightwish or Helloween fan who comes across the latest beaut by these Swiss metallers. Straight in with no shilly-shallying intro cut, 'Day of Darkness' is undiluted symphonic metal sweetness with ice. Singer JayJay Julmy knows a thing - Dickinson-wise - on laying the octaves with gusto and his gust sweeps across all twleve numbers, where the boisterous solos also breeze by at both sides.

Slick but never too over-sure of themselves, 'Secptre', 'On The Edge', 'Kingdom Of Shadows', 'Helpless', 'Breath - The Spell' and ' Illusion' will hardly succeed come the originality oscars but on the old fashioned, no-frills metal night, noise will be made.

Closing number 'Touched By The Gods' comes to being on an emotional note, as bassist/founder Adriano Troiano bears soul over the loss of idol Ronnie James Dio (already lost to us a staggering four years ago) with lickjs from a certain Rainbow classic cunningly concealed.

Ronnie never dealt in the fast stuff that much but Julmy's performance puts the legacy into people's awareness, of the timeless metal style that Distant Past also now treat us to.

Wonderful work, guys.


By Dave Attrill

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