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Review Dead Rhetoric 28.03.21 - Posted in The Final Stage reviews Review by Matt Coe

Distant Past – The Final Stage (Pure Steel Publishing)
Active as a studio project throughout the 2000’s and 2010’s, Swiss band Distant Past released two albums before two former Emerald members pushed this forward as a full act in 2019. Expanding to a quintet with a twin-guitar lineup, The Final Stage represents a tighter, compact sound that still evokes 80’s Iron Maiden/Judas Priest heyday moments. Bassist Adriano Troiano takes on lead moments against some exotic guitar licks for “Staring at the Stars”, while you can feel the syncopated axe ethics for “I Am Omega” bursting from your speakers. Although most of the songs hit that three to four-minute sweet spot, “Dawn City” at 7:16 allows Distant Past to stretch their vocal and musical horizons, traversing bluesy and progressive atmospheric twists of a calmer and roller coaster vein. The vocals of Jvo ‘Jay Jay’ Julmy are of a helium-oriented angle, which could produce love it or hate it reactions. Another for the older segment of metalheads. – Matt Coe