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Review Rockerhead 13.05.21 - Posted in The Final Stage reviews Review by Paul Fogarty

 Distant Past are a Heavy Metal Band who hail from Switzerland. Thay have released a Ten track Album 'The Final Stage' Now for the standout tracks. 'Kill The Dragon' Will have you holding your Horns up high and Headbanging to the Slaying Riffs of Ben Sollberger and Lorenz Laederach on Guitars. 'Staring At The Stars' Will have you Yelling along with Jvo Julmy on Vocals. 'Queen Of Sin' This is one Rockin Tune. Pulling the strings on Bass is Adriano Troiano. 'I Am Omega' This is a Catchy tune that will have your feet moving to the slaming of the Drums from Remo Herrmann. 'World Of Wires' Time for Metal Mayhem, Mosh Pit Time. Rockin Album.