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Review Metalheads Forever 13.06.21 - Posted in The Final Stage reviews Review by Keith Clement 

Interview: MHF-MAG_interview-with-distant-past

The Swiss Heavy Metal giants are back with a storm this March with the release of their powerful album “The Final Stage”. The 10 track album is powerful, old school and get you up and make your bang your head for sure. This album is surely for the old school heavy metal lovers.

Kill The Dragon : The opening song is set well, it’s powerful and lyrically done well, talks about the inner war to get over and be the supreme.

Queen Of Sin : Talking about Queen of Sin, its purely old school with vocals on those high notes, brings back those great riffs of old days and Jvo Julmy nailed the song.

Talking about I am Omega, that’s kick ass with the opening riff, man this is a great one from the album, its so cool and so powerful.

The Final Stage the Instrumental song from the album and the title song of the album is beautifully made, it makes the listener and sit back and enjoy the wonderous music by the guys.

The Finale, “Path Of Fate” is a beautiful end song to the album, beautiful on the lead, and so progressive in nature, and brings a perfect blend to the album.

Overall the album is a great heavy metal album in its whole, Distant Past has once again come back with great music, check out and enjoy the Heavy Metal and Go Spread the greatness.

Album - 8/10
Cover Art - 9/10
Song Writing - 9/10