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Reviews from "Solaris"

Review Heavy Metal Norway 08.07.21 - Posted in The Final Stage reviews Review by Yngve

It's been a long time since I've heard from these guys.

And it goes in classic metal, hard rock, with a good fist Nwobhm in the seams. And I like that.

Not everything here is equally good, but there is good quality in pretty much everything. What I mean is that the songs are a bit different. Jay Jay's vocals are good, he has a very nice clean vocals, and comes quite bright without it being annoying. He also has a nerve in parts of what he does, and that ensures plus in my book.

Otherwise it goes in a classic understanding of heavy metal, perhaps in a purer form than you hear today, this is how the metal once sounded. A little Maiden, a little Us-metal in fact, all packed together to sound a little on the sidelines today. Great tunes, sometimes reminiscent of Praying Mantis. But Distant Past is chopped more against metal than the melodic hard rock.

Quite a decent slice, sometimes very good, but collected a little on a regular basis. Little innovation, but at the same time this is someone who maintains the old school a bit.